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Born in Barcelona, Albert studied Architecture in his hometown, but before finishing, he decided to spend a year and a half living and studying in the United States. After graduating, and thanks to his final project teacher, he embarked on an exciting journey in BICG.

In 2012 he got his MBI, having already participated in several projects within BICG by then. Gradually the architect was transformed into a consultant of new ways of working. Two years later, and after having worked on projects for Desigual, Intercom, Generalitat, Danske bank and other companies in Spain, he took advantage of a great opportunity: to move to Mexico and open our office in Latin America. And yes, he opened it and WIDE. Currently BICG Latam is formed of a team of 12 people and has several projects of major companies behind them. These include ICA, Philip Morris, Grupo Salinas and Grupo Calidra.

Today, Albert is focused on making BICG Latin America grow steadily and to take our methodology and the new ways of working to the most organizations and professional possible.