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Born in Mexico City, Aldo began his internationalization at the age of 19, embarking on a new life abroad. In the city of Arnhem, Holland, he earned a degree in Management and International Business at the HAN University. He followed different internships and studies, highlighting six months in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, where he worked for Duromac as an intern in Marketing and as a representative for Formula 1 in Sepang. That same year he moved back to Europe to begin his five month Erasmus at the University of Pécs, in the south of Budapest, Hungary, focused on Business Management courses.
In 2014 he worked on his thesis for the company Kiwa Nederland in Apeldoorn, Holland, where he successfully presented a sustainability business project for South America, completing his graduation.
After five years, he returned to Mexico to work for the company Intergas North as a sales and distribution manager, where he accumulated work experience. He then entered the world of consulting with BICG Latam and thus continue the expansion of new forms of work and Company Experience around the world.