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Alejandra was born by the Mediterranean Sea in 1974. She studied at a bilingual school (French / Spanish) and chose to pursue Law at the University of Valencia, because of the “romantic sense” of justice.

The combination of both things pushed her to study and work in Brussels, managing international cooperation projects in education and justice. While trying to make Israelis and Palestinians agree on a justice seminar about terrorism, she realized that situations where people are driven to change and dialogue are what interested her the most.

Alejandra is now Managing Director at BICG and has contributed to the change in various organizations, analyzing and designing Company Experience strategies: Indra, Desigual, BBVA, Santander, Suez, Mondelez, Cuatrecasas, etc. Alejandra has extensive experience in managing change and implementing new working models in organizations based on collaboration, agility, flexibility and efficiency. She also has experience in creating innovation environments, acceleration start up processes through agile methodologies like Lean Start Up as well as implementing the Innovation Culture in large corporations and SMEs. Examples: Accelerators start ups in Cordoba, Andalucía CTA, R & D for Philips in Eindhoven.