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Alicia was born in Caracas. It seems that she had things to do in Madrid and this is why she did not linger. She travelled to Venezuela, was born there and returned to Spain.

She studied biological sciences at the Autonomous University of Madrid. She didn’t take much longer than necessary here either. Before finishing her degree she dug her head in a laboratory of Molecular Biology Center Severo Ochoa, as a researcher.

Although the environment in Spain was not favourable to dedicate itself to research, Alicia got to do a doctoral thesis in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry at university. She found her subject of study and laboratory bench top in Federico Mayor Laboratory. She enjoyed, shared, learned and grew from pipettes, cell crops and radioactivity. This exposure to science prepared her to achieve outstanding cum laude in defending her doctoral thesis focused on demonstrating the involvement of a protein in breast cancer

With the firm idea of devoting her time to a profession with a clear impact on society, the output of science was not an easy decision. However, the start with BICG was. Always linked to scientific advances and research in a broader sense, one can say that Alicia found her place in the ways of working consultancy.

This way, her work went on to be rewarded daily with a clear orientation to people, to improve their quality of life at work and to enjoy sharing every day with the team of people who are BICG.

In our company Alicia helps large organizations transform the way they work, the way in which their professionals relate, making their lives a little easier and their day to day more exciting, as demonstrated in projects such as Cepsa and Suez – Agbar, among others.

Her header quote is ‘Discovering something means looking at the same thing everyone is seeing, and perceiving it differently’ (Albert Szent-Györgyi).