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Ana was born in Barcelona and studied architecture, also passionate about dancing and traveling, she moved to Slovakia where she spent a year discovering the field of non-profit architectural projects. 
When she came back, she continued her idea of changing the world by creating an organization with her university colleagues: as a founding part of this organization she arranged different projects with a clear social aim –workshops in schools and universities, seminars about immigrant integration or projects concerning bio-architecture and self-construction with social purposes. While spending her spare time on her passions, she continued studying her degree and working in several architecture offices specialized in sustainability and public works, landscaping or interior design. Once she finished her studies, Ana was sure about being more interested in people than buildings so she continued training herself, this time on conflict prevention and resolution and social entrepreneurship. Thereby, she was able to put her knowledge into practice before joining BICG to participate in a pilot project about energy efficiency and social participation for administration.
Today she’s working on the development and implementation of New Ways of Working in companies like Domino’s, Cuatrecasas Gonzalves Pereira or Suez.