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Antonio was on track for the military -a family thing- but still as a child he came across a broadcasting station and the next day he said at home ‘forget it, this is what I am going to study: communication’. At home, where they were journalists, they supported him unconditionally.

Years later he obtained his Journalism degree from the Complutense University of Madrid and there combined his last two years of degree with collaborations specializing in technology press and with the Computer Centre of the UCM, where he made contact with the increasingly absorbent internet in Spain.

His knowledge of technology and Internet made Panda Security hire him as the first director of digital communication in a Spanish company, which he combined with his activity as a collaborating teacher for doctorate courses on media and the Internet. After being director of accounts of technology and Internet companies in the consultancy firm Weber-Shandwick, he was increasingly specializing in communication and corporate information, business and entrepreneurship and in this area he found another passion: to know how businesses work inside. Because of this, Antonio is a specialist in corporate communication processes, digital media and social networks.

In BICG he has participated in the development and implementation projects of corporate strategies of Ways of Working for different organizations. He also has experience in change projects in the phases of analysis, diagnosis, design and implementation of new ways of working, communication and change management.

He additionally has experience in the voice of customers, benchmark and design solutions for improving the customer experience in retail and is currently working on Ways of Working strategies and corporate feedback mechanisms.

In BICG Antonio has found “the perfect mix to work around three passions: people, the functioning of organizations and innovation”, as he explains.