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From Bilbao by birth and Mexican by fate. Motivated by a vocation to help people, Arrate studied Psychology between The University of Deusto and the University of Distance Education (UNED).

Her training stage allowed her to approach the world of teaching, she fulfilled her University internship in the school of San Viator, in Vitoria (Spain) as Primary Education psychologist.

Her concern to cover other branches of psychology took her to Madrid for two years training as a sex therapist and partner in the Sexpol Foundation. It’s there when she began to teach sex education to collective groups in the Basque country.

Pursuing new goals and dreams, but always within the world specialized in people, she crossed the Atlantic to settle in Mexico, where she joined the team of consultants at BICG. She has participated in several projects of new ways of working, such as Marhnos, Philip Morris, TvPromo, ICA, Zimat, or Banco Azteca.