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Cristina is from Madrid, but her joy is universal. “Easy and infectious laugh, notorious cluelessness, architectural studies and passion for the theatre,” is how she defines herself.

Passionate about people and volunteering, for pedagogy and education, for teaching and learning, all these disciplines soaked up happily throughout her years as a student: Travel, cooperation, literature, photography, art and writing have (and still are) building her life.

In her professional career she has experience in connecting the needs of people, environmental conditions and spaces. She has conducted Architectural workshops with children and adolescents, cultural and innovative spaces, such as cultural and artistic centre Matadero Madrid and the Telefonica Foundation. In Bolivia she collaborated with Arquitectos Sin Fronteras in building shelters for children, combining the needs and sensitivities of local groups and training women from diverse communities in building skills.

With her personal skills – valuable for internships like the one at BICG -, combined with her experience in small architectural studios, she arrived at the consultancy one hot summer with the motivation to find a professional place to pull together architecture and its users.

Today Cristina works providing value not only to the quality of professional spaces, but also a holistic concept that combines her two passions: architectural technique and improving the quality of life of people.