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An Andalusian village was where he was born, in the summer, and that gives character. Since college, where he majored in Economics with a post graduate degree in Management and Business Administration, he began to flirt with the business world, creating his first start up company dedicated to cloud content management followed by a few failed projects (which became a learning experience as to what and what not to do in business development) in e-commerce and digital library.

After seeing that there was much to learn and do, he began an exciting journey to specialize in innovation, new technologies, entrepreneurship and generating business ideas as well as in implementing lean methodologies such as “lean start-up”, “lean ux” or “customer development” for the implementation and acceleration of ideas and innovation projects.

In BICG he has carried out directing projects and accelerating start-ups, research on the development of agile methodologies for innovation projects and intrapreneurment, process analysis and technology, and design strategies for Employee Experience and Company Experience© for clients such as Cepsa, SUEZ group, EOI, Ayto. Málaga, Instituto de Desarrollo Económico de Córdoba, etc.