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He never knew how to give a single answer to the question: What do you want to be when you grow up?
Francisco is an architect from the Polytechnic University in Madrid (ETSAM) and is passionate about finding solutions to problems. During his studies, he decided to expand his architectural knowledge by spending a year abroad in Gdansk (Poland), where he learned not only more about the national architecture but also the culture and language.
After experiencing the work in architectural studies, where he developed housing projects and interior design of hotels, he sought a place to exploit his passion for data, processes, and efficiency. This is how he found BICG, where, since then, he has developed his potential as a consultant, working for companies such as Cepsa, Olympus, Schaeffler, Agbar …
At BICG, he spreads his passion for work among colleagues and clients, making each challenge an opportunity to overcome and make a difference. Francisco uses his distinctive architectural skills in international projects. With his critical focus, he approaches each project with freshness to reach those solutions that are normally only “out of the box”. He enjoys getting away from the very architectural language to deal with analysis and change management.
He is still unable to give only one answer to the question: What do you want to be when you grow up?