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Jack of all trades, master of none might be a fitting description of this adopted daughter of Madrid, of French descent, who enjoys all areas of cultural research.
Possessing an inquisitive mind and ravenous curiosity, Haydée’s love of linguistics and literature led her to study a degree in Hispanic Philology in the course of which she came across unsuspected passions and confirmed others she had always fostered. After several years weaving quite disparate tasks together with those of translator, editor, and proof-reader for diverse publications, she decided to leave the sunshine of the coast and move to rainy London. There, thanks to her knowledge of English, French, and Japanese, she spent two years working at two of the main video-game firms honing her skills as translator, documentarist, and person in charge of localization on several world-famous productions.
Joining BICG, where she performs a supportive role for the management and consultancy team, gives her the chance to grow both professionally and personally in a dynamic, multicultural environment.