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Superior architect from the Polytechnic University of Madrid, Isabel soon decided to jump into the world of business. After passing through the EOI to study an International MBA oriented around innovation and creativity in business management, she joined as a consultant BICG.

As a workplace consultant she has had the opportunity to participate in the transformation of organizations from different sectors. She is an expert in the design and implementation of new and innovative workspaces, from the beginning to the final execution.

In BICG she has collaborated with Generali, Bankinter, Banco Santander, Commerzbank, Cepsa, Philips Lighting and the public sector among others. Always aware of the developments in the sector, she likes updating their social networks with the latest news in the world of new ways of working, as well as her weekend walks, camera in hand, publishing rural landscapes, adorned with pictures of appetizers (that you cannot miss).