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Janine was born and raised by Egyptian parents in a little German town. Soon enough she found her passion for big cities, architecture, design, chaos and noise – the latter clearly influenced by her Egyptian part she says!

Her interest for architecture, foreign cultures, countries and languages drove her to work in Egypt and the UAE which allowed her to travel a lot – she had a pact with herself: one country a month!

In lovely Querétaro (‘México lindo’, as she says) where she lived and studied for a year and fell for the historical world heritage city centre, she also learned Spanish and lost a piece of her heart to the country and its people.

Majoring in urban design made Janine think and look at things in a totally different way. Working as an architect for more than four years she decided to widen her angle and join BICG to combine her architectural background with her wish to better the day to day life of the people using it and top it all with a Spanish touch.