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Born in Madrid, Joaquín was always passionate about “tinkering” with appliances, small buttons, graphic design and photography, so he decided to follow his technological heart and focused his studies on computer science and Image and Sound. He began his career in various projects as a programmer and as an assistant for direction and production for various production companies and national and regional television networks in Madrid, Valencia and Malaga. Then he reached Tree Group in which he took a turn and established himself as a manager of communications systems.

Later, he worked for Ingenia QED, in the department of Special Systems, focused on computer and audiovisual systems. There he carried out the Spain Pavilion at the Universal Exposition of Aichi 2005, Japan, among other projects,…

A couple of years after his Japanese experience, he joined BICG as a consultant in Information Technology and as the head of IT and backoffice. In our company he leads the team that develops analysis tools for projects of ways of working and display elements of information. He also manages the technical and computer support that make technology our ally at all times.