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Born in Madrid, Joaquin has always walked on the edge that unites disciplines and people, especially those between spaces and words.

Graduated from the ETSAM and with Enrique Krahe, he discovered the ability of Architecture to address social behaviors and prospective construction of life experiences as a parallel activity in time to the construction of the physical context that welcomes them. Then Asia came. He drew in strange tongues and spoke in every corner of Hanoi and Hochiming City, was excited building with Seksan and the Kareni in Maehongson and wrote non-stop in Chiang Mai before returning to the heart of Europe, specifically to Linz, where, from an old tobacco factory he projected housing and city spaces in Kleboth Lindinger Dollnig.

Today, in BICG, he continues the interdisciplinary dialogue that generates integrated and inclusive spaces and contributes to enrich the rules of the game of life.