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Jose Antonio began his career in Counterpoint, his first contact with the world of advertising. He fell in love immediately. He had what he always liked: to be in front of a blank sheet, to fill it with all the craziness that passed through his head and make a living with it.

After a split of the graphic department a design studio, Reverse, was formed to serve all possible agencies. It was a journey of seven years in which he met the method of work of other agencies and where he came to have the position of Head of Studio.

Then he went through two design studios where he finished training in all graphic fields. After 14 years of Rotring, French curves, Letraset, Repromaster, Pantone, kerning and Didot, he met a little friend, the Macintosh. And he realized he wanted something else, to be in charge of those pictures that he liked so much when he opened a magazine. He wanted his ideas to appear on television, and to do all those terrible follies that little machine let do.

So he jumped to an agency, Tapsa, where he spent the next 18 years of his life and was a witness of the progress of the company by NWAyer, FCB and WPP. It was the No. 1 agency in Spain and a benchmark of advertising worldwide. There he understood that advertising was not limited to a nice work out. It was necessary to connect with people, makes them feel identified with the product and to wish to incorporate it into their lives. And that required more: the concept. And that concept had to sustain a base: the brand.

He grew up professionally and became art director, working on accounts such as TVE, Caja Madrid, Endesa, ONCE, Carlsberg, Air Europa, Telefonica, Nintendo, Iberia. Later his responsibilities increased as Creative Director, taking accounts such as Iberia, El Pais, Agbar, Aqualogy. He made television spots, his graphic pieces were seen in the mainstream media, and he got into online advertising.

As he himself says, “I won awards in major national and international festivals, but above all, I gained some friends.”. It was one of those great friends who told him about a new project that seemed the most provocative, BICG. And here it is, as part of Alibey agency, making the best of their experience, always evolving and sharing his talent with brands, organizations and users.