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Pablo was born in Alicante and he studied Journalism and Audio-visual Communication in Madrid. He started working in both areas even if most of the journalism he did was closely linked to audio-visual tasks. As a freelance or during several internships he opened his way through TVE, he shot videos for Airsoft, he was a correspondent at the Sitges Festival, he was involved in short movies, digitalized the TV show Cruz y Raya for José Mota and among his clients he could include ING and L’Oreal.

In 2014 he became part of CPWORKS postproduction working on several TV commercials and internal videos for Nivea, Opel, Marlboro, AXA, Trina, Orange. There, apart from working on cases and demos, he had the chance to collaborate with important filmmakers and creative directors.

Ready for a broader challenge, he now plays a key role in BICG, halfway in between a craftsman and an artist, managing the whole video productions. Pablo is a lens fanatic and you will rarely see him around without his camera.