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Like the true locals of the Canary Islands, Rita was born during the Carnivals, and that might have influenced her personality 😉

Her approach to Psychology has always been more scientific than humanistic. Therefore, after exploring many different fields, she finally decided to focus on organizations. Once she obtained her degree, she spent a year between Pamplona and Washington studying a Master’s in Communication which allowed her to broaden her vision about human resources management.

As curious as when she was a student, Rita has an intense and varied professional career. She worked as a researcher in neuro-linguistics and statistics, and then in Internal Communication and HR in some corporations before entering BICG. Here, Rita is a key part of the Change Management Team where she works hand in hand with clients like Suez, Suez – Agbar, Mondelez, Mutua, Rodi, Bankinter or Red Eléctrica, in order to help them transform their companies and implement New Ways of Working.